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Abox ECM

It is a professional document management platform that captures, stores, processes and distributes unstructured business information (documents).

It manages correspondence, classifies documentation into files, optimizes internal processes and manages physical and electronic archiving.

Adapting Group

We are a consulting company and developer of electronic document archive management software (SGDEA) and enterprise content management systems (ECM), with presence in Spain and Latin America.

We have developed our own professional document management platform abox ECM totally web and adapted to international standards in the field of archiving.


Adapting Group has an installed base in Spain and Latin America, an R&D laboratory located in Colombia and specific customer service centres for Europe and Latin America.

We are in a phase of international growth in the Andean, Caribbean and Central American regions. Our policy is based on the loyalty of specialized business partners, within the markets of document management, process outsourcing and business management applications.

Professional document management system

If you have come this far, it is because you need a solution that helps you sort, locate and work with your paper and electronic documentation in a much more efficient way than you are doing now. In addition, you certainly need to improve your organization’s information and knowledge management: nothing is lost or forgotten!

That’s what allows you to do ECM abox, a professional document management system. You are in the right place…

Abox Method

It is the know-how of consultants and adapting parameterizers, the result of more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of enterprise content management solutions.

The abox method is conceived for any size of company and is valid for any sector, since the treatment of information and documentation is a horizontal process to all organizations, such as quality or occupational health.

The abox method is iterative and will be repeated as many times as necessary to achieve the objectives that the company determines in its “Zero Paper” Program.

In order to guarantee the successful implementation of the “Zero Paper” abox ECM platform, it is necessary to follow a rigorous and, at the same time, flexible methodology, logically adapted to the reality of each organization.


The benefits that can be achieved with the correct implementation of a “Zero Paper Program” are very important for any organization, large or small. They affect several areas:


Reduction in the use of paper, photocopies, printers, faxes, etc. Reduction in messaging expenses …


Search times, Application processing times, invoices, procedures, …


Correspondence reports, Centralized access to dispersed contents (e.g. in different locations) …


Compliance with legal or procedural deadlines, Fines for legal non-compliance …


Reduction of tree felling, Rationalization of electricity consumption, Reduction of pollution …


The employee is not burned, workloads are controlled, repetitive tasks are avoided, …

Phases of a “Zero Paper” project

  • 1. Departmental pilot or process

    Overcoming resistance to change and demonstrating viability

  • 2. Official Register

    Centralize digitalization and delivery of correspondence

  • 3. Documentary organization

    Electronic records according to internal classification tables

  • 4. Electronic management of the physical archive

    File streamlining and legal compliance

  • 5. Optimization of internal processes

    Improvement and automation of processes with workflow

Trust in us

  • Cuando seleccionamos Abox como software de gestión documental, donde poder volcar todo el fondo documental de la organización, nos fijamos en su cumplimiento de normas de archivística, así como en su capacidad de implementar los flujos documentales de todo el ciclo de vida del documento.

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