The ECM abox capturers for Desktop and Office
can reduce settling times by 80%.


abox capturers are the optimal tool to accelerate the productivity of users.
They allow to automate the process of capturing files to the abox ECM platform at a ¡click!


Office addins allow you to create new documents, upload them to the platform and then download them maintaining full traceability. Create new versions of Office documents with just one click. There are 3 addins available: Word, Excel and Outlook (valid for 2010 versions or higher).

HotOffice Features

  • Possibility of filing indicating the type of document and/or the tray or file in which the document is to be placed
  • Functions to create new, create version or replace attachment
  • Traceability of the document so that downloaded documents do not have to be re-classified
  • These “addins” allow different users to work in the same workflow downloading and loading Office documents without worrying about their location in the system

This utility is installed on your Windows desktop and allows you to capture files of any type and classify them into abox by dragging them to an icon on the desktop or pressing the right “mouse” button.


This utility is installed as a printer on your computer and allows you to convert any document into a PDF image, capture it and classify it in abox, just like if it were a PDF printer.

The abox virtual printer is the simplest way to file receipts or application screenshots to show operations that are difficult to transform into documents.