Legal compliance with abox ECM


abox ECM complies with the following standards related to the world of information technology and document management

    • Moreq 2010. Modular Requirements for Records Systems v.1.1.; DLM Forum Foundation (
    • ISO-15489. Modular Requirements for Records Systems.
    • ISO-16175. Parte 1. Information and documentation – Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments – Parte 2: Guidelines and functional requirements for digital records management systems
    • ISO-30301 (serie MSS, ISO-9000, ISO-1400, ISO-27000, OHSAS, etc).
    • Ley 594 de 2000. General Archive of the Nation, Colombia.
    • Spanish and Colombian Legislation on  Personal Data Protection (Habeas Data).
    • International regulations on advanced electronic signature.

Abox has been adapted to Colombia’s Law 594 of 2000 on Archives Management, which implies its suitability for most Latin American countries, which also have standards inspired by ISO-15489.