Abox is a professional document management solution that captures, stores, processes and distributes unstructured business information (documents).

abox ECM supports business management.

Abox ECM modules


  • Allows you to manage electronic and physical documents
  • Incorporates best practices and archival legislation
  • Manages the entire document lifecycle
  • Automates and controls task execution
  • Allows you to consult the complete business archive
  • Allows remote and mobile access
  • Drastically reduces paper and transportation
¿Why implant abox?

  • Comply with legislation and/or quality requirements (ISO)
  • Improve information and knowledge management
  • Automate processes
  • Control the execution of tasks
  • Reduce costs
  • Environmental benefits
Legal compliance of abox

Based on international standards for document management and archiving:

  • ISO-15489 part 1 and 2. Modular Requirements for Records Systems.
  • ISO-16175 parte 1 y 2. Information and documentation – Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments / Guidelines and functional requirements for digital records management systems
  • Moreq 2010. Modular Requirements for Records Systems v.1.1.; DLM Forum Foundation (
  • ISO 19005-1:2005 – Document management – Electronic document file format for long-term preservation – Part 1: Use of PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1)
    Ley 594 de 2000. Archivo General de la Nación, Colombia
  • ISO 19005-1:2005 – Document management – Electronic document file format for long-term preservation – Part 1: Use of PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1)

Explanatory video of the product abox ECM.

Savings Calculator

90% of the typical tasks of a company revolve around the search and distribution of paper documents.
60% of employees spend an hour or more a day duplicating the work of others.
30% of employee time is spent searching for information to get the job done.
50% of the documents filed by companies are copies or photocopies of the documents.

ABOX Models



The fastest professional solution for your physical and electronic correspondence, 100% web.

  • Official entry/exit records and sequences
  • Control of legal response times
  • Flexible and configurable search engine, barcode included
  • Control the execution of tasks
  • Automatic classification in files by office
  • Electronic management of internal documents

Delivery in 48h, fully customizable

abox plus


The professional solution to manage your business processes through virtual files.

  • Management of users, groups, roles and permissions
  • Management of series and doc types by business processes
  • Classification, review, approval and signature workflows
  • Reports by process, exportable
  • File importer/exporter
  • Addins Word, Excel y Outlook. Virtual Printer
  • Includes matching solution

Turnkey, including matching solution



The professional solution to manage your physical and electronic documents according to archival legislation.

  • “Total archive” concept: electronic archive fusion and physical
  • Configurable classification and document retention tables
  • Classification and archiving workflows according to ISO-30301 and Moreq2010
  • Web access for PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Office, etc.
  • File transfers and alerts
  • Physical warehouse management and custody services (optional)
  • Includes matching solution

Turnkey, valued by number of production offices



The document management solution for medium and large enterprises with BPM and application integration

  • Workflow engine and task manager (with alerts)
  • Automatic scanning package and HotFolde
  • SOA connector for application integration
  • Forms Management
  • ECM modules, Extranets possible
  • Workflow editor based on BPMN (optional)
  • Includes matching solution

Turnkey, valued for performance and custom developments

Abox Features

Entry Plus Archive Elite
Basic document manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Management of physical and electronic correspondence Yes Yes Yes Yes
Configurable search engine, on metadata and indexed files Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic flows in, out, and settlement of internal documents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Office capture package (Hot Office, Virtual Printer and Send To) Optional Yes Yes Yes
Web administration panel (users, folders, series, types and metadata) Yes Yes Yes
Classification, review, approval and signature flows Yes Yes Yes
Importer/exporter of files and documents Optional Yes Yes
Automatic scanning package (incl. Hot Folder) x No. of windows Optional Yes Yes
Parameterization of Classification Tables and Document Retention Yes Yes
Physical Archive Module (Warehouses, Transfers and Loans) Optional Optional
Integration package with  OCR/ICR external (Kofax, Readsoft, Abbyy) Optional Optional
Workflows and pending tasks engine (programmable alerts x email) Optional Yes
Parameterizable report manager (integrated reporter) Optional Yes
management (configurable over Office and HTML) Yes
Web Services Integration API Yes
Workflow editor with graphical interface (bpmn2 and state-machine formats) Optional
Extranet module (websites for users consultation) Optional
Capture package by directory (Hot Folder) and email mailbox (Hot Mailbox) Optional
Datawarehouse module for external OLAP reporter Optional
Additional ECM modules (CMS-Cmis, News, Forums, Web Page, Downloads, etc) Optional
Possible databases (minimum requirement) Sql Server Express/ sup.
PostgreSql 9 o sup.
Oracle Express o sup.
Sql Server Std./Entrp.Edt
PostgreSql 9 o sup.
Oracle 10g/11g/12c
Minimum/maximum number of active users (named licenses) 3-25 5-100 > 100
Maximum number of passive users (consultation only, free of charge) 3 passive x active user
Entry Plus Archive Elite (Free)
Multi-language option (involves translatable content and multi-language interface) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Integration with Windows Active Directory (single sign-on) Optional Optional Optional
Digital signature for user transactions Optional
Digital signature on server for PDFs digitized or uploaded with Hotfolder (excludes certified purchase) Optional Optional Optional
Web site installation option on standalone server Optional
Option of integration with (on-line import/export plugin) Optional Optional Optional
Option read/write invoices in Facturae format Optional
Entry Plus Archive Elite (Free)
Design and layout of a custom web interface (x site users) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Design, implementation and validation of web forms Optional Optional
Loading and parameterization of Documentary Retention Tables – TRD (1 x dependency/area) Optional Optional
Design, implementation and validation of virtual files for on-line management (1 x procedure) Optional Optional
Design, implementation and validation of custom workflows + Pending tasks Optional Optional
  • It is valued by the number of active users and by contracted characteristics.
  • Consult-only users are free at abox (up to a maximum number).



Application Server

Microsoft .NET Platform

Internet Information Server

Load Balancing Scaling

S.O. Windows Server


File server

Enables distributed storage

from the document files.

Scalable repositories.

Works on Windows or Linux.


Database server

Runs on 3 B.D. engines in Windows or Linux:

Sql Server 2008 o superior,

Oracle 10g o superior,

PosgreSql 8.4 o superior.