With abox ECM you can manage hundreds of Gigas of files in external repositories.

Today the management of large quantities of multimedia files (images, videos, audios and others) has become a headache for most organizations.

Multimedia files have become a necessary evidence in a multitude of documentary processes.

However, it is very complex to manage them within a document manager due to their excessive size and the requirements for their online search and viewing.

With abox ECM you have a multimedia explorer that connects to a great diversity of disk repositories and formats, facilitating the integration of multimedia funds with the electronic archive documents (records) of your organization.

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All this without losing the security and integrity control of external files, which can also be managed as evidence.

Assigning secondary attachments to external repositories

  • Manual or automatic assignment
  • Full integration with Abox
  • Direct links to subfolders
  • No need for additional components
anexos secundarios combinados en abox
explorador de busqueda en abox 4
explorer multimedia de abox 3
Multimedia browser

  • Attaches to internal or external disks
  • Visualization of multiple formats of image, video or audio.
  • Possibility of blocking modifications
  • Powerful file finder
Repository integrity control

  • Signature of repositories (hash) to detect changes
  • Declaration of records
  • Detection and warning of the slightest inconsistency
anexos secundarios combinados en abox 2
anexos secundarios combinados en abox
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Uploading files directly from the local computer to the remote server

  • Simplicity with “drag&drop” functionality. Fully integrated into Abox ECM
  • Uploading large files (>2 GB)
  • It is possible to assign permits to carry out the loads
  • Possibility of loading complete folders, without complications or delays in the selection
FTP controlled file upload

  • Easy and secure access to repositories
  • Ability to upload large files
  • Audit of loads and changes in external repositories
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This new tool allows you to combine multimedia funds with normal document management files, without losing security or flexibility. It is very flexible and requires no extra investment, no use of complex hardware or software, and no high-cost investment.