ECM MARKET: The Opportunity



According to recent studies, the size of the global market for ECM solutions is expected to grow from USD 28.1 trillion in 2016 to USD 66.27 trillion in 2021, representing annual growth rates close to 20% over this period.

The major drivers of this market are the growing need for companies to adopt content management solutions that optimize the use of internal resources and mitigate security and data protection risks.


It is increasingly important for companies to make their Zero Paper Project a reality in order to achieve the productivity and efficiency necessary to compete in international markets.


Adapting in a sound business group, with extensive experience and technical solvency, which has an important installed base in Spain and Colombia, with the product abox-ECM mature, with all the necessary functionalities to comply with national and international legislation on Archives and Document Management.



The main advantages of this product are its adaptation to any customer size (from SMEs to large corporations), its modularity, compatibility with multiple databases and its interoperability, which offers a long-term business perspective for investors, being easily integrated with other tools in the market.


Our expansion plan is designed to conquer the cloud world and position us as a Latin leader in ECM solutions for professional document management.


The abox product in conjunction with our Zero Paper implementation methodology are the guarantee of success of our plan.

Investor Profile

Companies providing document management services in Ibero-American markets.

Software manufacturers looking to complement and strengthen their portfolio.

Business software distribution companies that wish to open a market in Spain and/or Latin America.

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