Abox ECM handles the concepts of “documentary process” and “documentary circuit”


Documentary processes, in addition to roles, activities and decision-makers, handle documentary types that are expected by the record, some of which are mandatory to successfully complete the process.

  • Documentary process: associated with the processing of the file, the user becomes the “pilot” of the complex documentary unit.
  • Document circuit : associated with the document processing, the user becomes the “pilot” of the simple document unit.

Abox ECM handles document types that use a processing circuit that is independently modeled. In these circuits it is possible to establish documentary evidences that will be recorded as secondary annexes.

Abox ECM models subprocesses that are managed and executed in applications external to the document manager (e.g. an ERP). Abox ECM BPM offers automatic integration capabilities between applications as well as between processes and subordinate document circuits.


Graphic Modeling Editors

Abox ECM has a graphic editor to model documentary processes, which is compatible with external open-source design tools such as Camunda, Bizagi, Bonita or Cawemo, which are complemented and detailed with the graphic editor provided.

It has two standard languages for the definition of workflows:

Machine status notation
BPMN2 Notation
BPMN2 Document Process Model

The documentary process is modelled from the perspective of a documentary series, that is, the user “pilots” a file in which a series of documents evidencing the process will be conformed, from its creation to its closure.

The subprocesses that are managed in external tools (e.g. ERPs), or by means of subordinate document circuits, are shown in a different colour.

Document circuit model (BPMN2 or State Machine)

The model describes the steps that must be taken with a specific procedure associated with the simple documentary unit (document)

Abox ECM allows to decouple the flows of the file and the document, although between both there is an automatic integration to transmit information or to advance states

In the figures we appreciate the same circuit modeled with the two available languages.

Pending tasks panel

With states of execution of each one of them and control of maturities. The system also controls the tasks performed by keeping a file of activities performed for statistical or auditing purposes.

Calendar of tasks

Calendar of tasks with their deadlines, with the option of going directly to consult them or execute them.

Reassignment and execution of tasks

Abox’s BPM system allows you to massively reassign tasks between users and/or roles and massively advance or regress those review or approval tasks that only require a clean bill of health.



Document management aligned with international standards (ISO-15489, ISO-30301, …), Moreq requirements and archiving standards (archiving laws in Latin America), requires BPM tools that integrate seamlessly with document managers.

Abox ECM offers us powerful features for:

  • Manage records using workflows that control the presence and status of documents and metadata.
  • Manage documents through independent or subordinate workflows to file-linked processes.
  • Integrate with external applications through a powerful interoperability API.
  • Design and execute workflows on a dual engine: BPMN2 language and state machine.