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Webinar is a type of conference, workshop or seminar broadcast over the Internet and given in real time (usually in AM for the Americas and PM for European countries).

Its advantage is the interactivity that takes place between the participants and the lecturer. As in any face-to-face event, the speaker is speaking live to the audience and attendees can ask questions, comment and listen to what other participants have to say.

Our webinars are rigorous online events to inform about news of interest in the sector of “records management” and recommendations for the proper management of document management software, always with an academic and professional approach. We invite prestigious people, experts in the sector, with extensive practical experience in the academic and business world.

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The target audience of our Webinars is:

  • Professional documentalists, archivists and information managers
  • Systems engineers, computer scientists and technology managers
  • Students in document management, information science, computer science and other related disciplines
  • Consultants, developers and distributors of technology related to document management.

Requirements to participate in our Webinars:

  • To register previously through our web page or following the links of our bulletins.
  • Internet-connected computer or tablet (broadband connection recommended).
  • Speakers to listen to, preferably headset to avoid external noise.
  • Microphone so you can talk. In case you don’t have a microphone, you can participate through a text chat.