Adapting offers a diagnosis of opportunities for improvement in Digital Transformation, based on the international standards ISO-15489 and ISO-30301, to assess the starting situation of the organization and propose priority solutions.

In recent years we have witnessed the progressive digitization of processes in our organizations, with two trends:

  • Reduction in the use of paper, thanks to the use of management software and electronic media;
  • The digitization of printed paper using scanners,

However, digital chaos prevails today with the exponential growth of digital content and its great diversification of sources and media.

1st Day

  • Revision and socialization of the Document Management Policy:
  1. Archival instruments and electronic model
  2. Archival Processes
  3. Supervision and auditing
  4. Training and change management.
  • Interview with Management/Administration
  • Interview with Systems Department
  • Interview with department with major document management problems (to choose from).
2nd Day

  • Delivery of the results report
  • Presentation of improvement opportunities
  • Demonstration in functional prototype of the solution (guarantee of viability)
  • Discussion of results and prioritization of actions.


adapting offers a series of consulting services that accompany the abox method. They are the result of our experience and specialization in the implementation of professional document management solutions.

  • Consultancy for the selection of document management and BPM solutions.
  • Diagnosis of maturity in document management.
  • Definition and revision of archival instruments.
  • Workflow design for abox ECM platform.
  • Analysis and programming of applications, within the abox ECM platform.
  • Graphic design of web interfaces for abox ECM, attractive, functional and usable.
  • Maintenance services and technical support of adaptive applications.


An electronic document management project can be complex without the necessary prior experience. Adapting applies its own methodology which can be consulted here> ABOX METHOD.

It is important to overcome people’s resistance to change, so it is recommended to involve all staff involved from the very first activities of the project. It is also essential that senior management disseminate the expected objectives.

The implementation of a document management software must be approached in phases, as follows:

Scope review
License Review
Documentary processes covered

Corporate organization chart
User Roles
Documentary collection (folders)
Documentary types
Documentary series (opt.)
Searching for information
Content protection
Entity coding
Production process and electronic capture
Radication, digitization and distribution processes
Procedures and deadlines
Archiving Process
Business-specific Workflows
Initial values
Automation and restrictions
Process control and reporting
Customer self-management
User interface and location
Data import and passive integration
System environment

Translated with

New installation protocol
Web server configuration
Activation of provisional license
Verification of proper operation

abox configuration and parameter forms
Parameterization of the documentary model
Parameterization of Standard Document Processes
Parameterization of workflows with hot-editor
User interface customization
Importing Item Data (opt.)
Passive integration (opt.)
System configuration

External connectors (integration)
Creation of new graphic styles
Tailor-made computer developments

Preparation of the load excels
Migration and importation of the historical
Load validation
Layout and manual loading of contents

With the following breakdown of activities:

  • Socialization of the electronic management model
  • General user training
  • Training of process leaders
  • Administrator training
  • Change management
  • Stabilization and initial accompaniment
  • Production of the software
  • Definition and start-up of technical support and maintenance


We offer high quality technical support that combines the closeness of our consulting services with permanent contact through the latest techniques in on-line support and telepresence, thus achieving a rational balance of customer resources.

Our laboratory adapting-lab launches an average of two new product versions per year. It is possible to agree the quality level of our support services according to the needs of each customer.

Technical support services cover:

  • Resolution of doubts and diagnosis of incidences
  • abox ECM Product Updates
  • Bonds for consultancy and maintenance services
  • Training and socialization courses