abox ECM offers a digital signature integrated in the application, which allows you to
sign annexes, images, documents and files with all legal guarantees

Management of "records" with electronic signatures

  • In Intake trays
  • Directly on file
  • Ability to capture emails
  • Possibility of certified file closures

To determine the validity of a document, the EDMS must implement authentication mechanisms for the files uploaded to the system, so as to ensure that these have not been changed since they were filed or approved. This is what we call “evidence” or “records management”.

In abox ECM, “records” are signed using “secure hash algorithms” or SHA. A hash allows you to create a theoretically unique fingerprint of a file. When it is entered into the system as evidence (or when a document is approved or signed), the application calculates its hash and stores it in the database.

Every time the document is shown on screen, the system recalculates its hash and checks it against the one stored in the database. In this way, a very high security in the authenticity of the document is obtained (in theory 1 out of 1024).

A digital signature certificate is an electronic document that is issued to a person or entity by a recognized certification authority and contains data that proves the identity of the certificate holder to third parties.

  • The solution must allow for the signing of PDF documents and allow for multiple signatories on an electronic document
  • The solution must have a signature portal for users to perform their operations using their cell phone or email to approve the statement
  • The solution must be secure and offered as a cloud service. SAAS (Software as a Service) mode
Certification of attachments and actions by means of digital signatures

Abox ECM offers a new certified digital signature module, called Abox-Signer, based on a signature web portal. This system is fully integrated with workflows. It will be used to sign documents enabling personal signatures or signatures of representatives of the organization.

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Characteristics of the technological solution

It is integrated as an additional module to our Abox-ECM product, located in the cloud and supported by our specialized partners.

  • Ideal for companies seeking total autonomy in their electronic document signature processes, whether due to security policies, regulatory compliance or because they manage large corporate networks with partners, customers and suppliers
  • We locate in your company our complete signature service and all its security features, so you can manage your signature operational processes directly, with performance, control and security
  • It is ideal for all companies that handle numerous volumes of operations that require signature
  • Solution that complies with each country’s own regulations and is ideal for signing invoices, certificates, forms, records, work orders, authorizations and other documents that require a volume of signatures and extreme guarantees of cryptographic security.

Digital certificates
Generate your own signature credentials for employees, customers or suppliers, so you can implement the digital signature in any process

Digital Signature Verifier
Signed documents can be validated by anyone at any time using widely available applications such as Acrobat or Acrobat Reader or by using the document signature verifier and certificates within the platform.

Templates for document signature
You can establish templates for the documents that are signed the most (contracts, forms, records, authorizations, etc.)

Time-stamped signatures
Signatures with chronological stamping

Mass signing of documents
With one click you can sign multiple documents.

Multiple signatures on a document
Allows multiple signatories on the same document

Digital Signature
It accredits the digitally signed documents with the name, position that the declarant has

Strong authentication system
Protect your signature with robust protection mechanisms such as: fingerprint biometrics, pins and/or single use codes and secure dual channel authentication.

Signature in any format
Sign documents in any business format such as: Office, PDF, XML, Open Document and Text Document, without changing their extension

Upload documents for third party signature
Invite to sign documents using the signature platform configured to your company so that third parties can enter and sign.

Graphic signatures
Electronic signatures integrating the graphic or handwritten signature of the signatory.

Corporate Electronic Bell
For greater security, our signature allows each sheet of signed documents to be sealed.

Signing from any device
Comfort and portability. Sign your documents from any computer, tablet or cell phone easily and intuitively

Firmas con autenticación biométrica
Abox-Signer puede gestionar firmas electrónicas con autenticación biométrica e incorporar dentro de los documentos, la firma manuscrita.

Cumple con regulaciones y normativas de seguridad
La firma electrónica en Colombia posee los mismos efectos jurídicos que la manuscrita, siempre y cuando cumpla con los requisitos establecidos

Benefits of the solution

Digital signatures can reduce the cost of paper by 90%

Abox-Signer is an advanced, secure, easy and economical digital signature management solution integrated with Abox-ECM. It is offered 100% in the cloud, with plans according to the number of signatures.

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