Online Forms

Electronic forms are an ideal tool for capturing information in a structured way from anonymous or registered users, which allows new procedures or processes to be initiated and the people involved to be notified.

Electronic Forms Module - "Forms"

Abox ECM has a module for the creation of internal and external forms, fully configurable to allow:

  • Complete graphic customization
  • Integration in web pages, extranet or corporate intranet
  • Linking and dependencies between fields (metadata)
  • Hiding fields based on values from other fields (metadata)
  • Automatic generation of documents or files
  • Instantiation of new procedures or processes from the form
  • Consultation of the status of the procedure by internal or external users
  • Ability to generate standardized documents based on templates
  • Office templates easily configurable by the administrator
Ideal to generate requests

Forms can be configured within an Extranet to receive requests from anonymous or registered users.

This feature is ideal for a multitude of applications:

  • Customer service, e.g. receiving requests, complaints, suggestions and congratulations
  • Request for a new procedure, which can generate a new document or a new file in the document manager with its corresponding workflow
  • Presentation of results to the client, by querying the request by its registration number or other parameters of the request.
Directly from Word or Excel

When you need to automate the creation of a document, you can use templates created directly in Word or Excel, which are very easy to configure, indicating only the code of the corresponding metadata.