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The CBOX solution for Single Window for Official Registration and Correspondence (based on the popular electronic document management platform ABOX) allows, by means of a very simple parameterization protocol, to offer the automation of the correspondence process from beginning to end, including a wide functionality in each one of its stages.

The functionalities include:


  • Digitization, including management of scanning queues and integration with scanner through the image module.
  • Manual indexing using mandatory and/or searchable metadata.
  • Indexing of secondary attachments to documents and generation of cross-references.
  • Classification in electronic files.
Output Radication

  • Handling of consecutive official exit registration according to the standards defined by the company or the legislation of the country (e.g. archiving laws).
  • Handling of forms for sending by courier or printing of guides.
  • Optional sending of outgoing files by e-mail including electronic attachments.
  • Digitization and management of sent and fulfilled communications.
  • Possibility of marking acknowledgements of receipt and returned files with their cause.
  • Massive management of acknowledgements of receipt of couriers.
Management Reports

  • Management reports and statistics generation of the registration process per user and per procedure.
  • Volume of incoming and outgoing communications by period, dependency and other parameters.
  • Volume of internal communications by period, dependency and other parameters.
  • Status of communications (filed, in process, sent, received), with indication of cancellations and rejections.
  • Control of pending and realized answers, with their expirations.

  • Reception of individual physical documents or batches including loading from flat files or Excel formats.
  • Fax reception, through integration with Fax solutions.
  • Completion of the reception form including different information such as: Issues, Regional/Point of Residence, Sending Entity, Signatory, City, Department/Province, Number of pages, Number of annexes, Digitalize Option (Yes/No), Observations, etc.
  • Handling of consecutive official registration of entry according to the standards defined by the company or the legislation of the country (e.g. archiving laws).
  • Generation of self-adhesive or printed registration label including barcode for identification.

  • Configuration of users, dependencies and matters or procedures.
  • Distribution of documents and physical annexes including shifts or rounds.
  • Notification to users by e-mail including links for direct access to the document.
  • Routing of digital documents through a preconfigured status workflow.
  • Acknowledgement of receipt, return or reassignment of the addressee, keeping records of the persons through whom the document passed.
  • Inclusion of responsibility-assignment processes.
  • Control of expiration of terms and configuration of alarms.
  • Elaboration of answers in predefined templates.
  • Document version management.
  • Upload of documents from the client to the folder or file ( drag&drop).
  • Management of internal memorandums with copies sent to related officials.
  • Routing of documents to the exit window for filing, printing and signing, scanning, and sending by courier or courier.

  • Viewer of PDF, PDF/A, MS Office, Email, TIFF and multimedia formats without having to download them.
  • Identification of the document within a set of preset typologies (approx. 100 types with their icons).
  • Storage in electronic records.
  • Access to documents and files according to profile.
  • Cross-references of common documents to a file or procedure.
  • Queries for keys to documents.
  • Display of the file in tree or folder style with tabs.
  • Handling of notes and comments according to creation profile or query.
  • Consultation of the status and traceability of the procedure.